Project Integration and Performance Management Software
  PMiNet (Project Management integration Network) is a scalable cost and performance management system.  The software includes optional configurations designed to support a wide range of contract types and management environments providing solutions for both government and non-government applications.  The configuration can be as simple as tracking actual spending against allocated spend plans or it can be fully configured for Earned Value Management with cost/schedule integration in compliance with ANSI/EIA-748 standards.  Standard reporting includes CPR (Contract Performance Reporting) and NASA 533 reporting conforming to NPR 9501.2. The software is designed for flexibility, ease-of-use and data integrity. It is easily installed and can be configured to run standalone on your individual workstation or in a shared environment providing management access and interactive Resource Planning capability through the LAN or over the internet for remote teams.

Specializing in integrated performance management, cost control and NASA Reporting.

Business Support Associates (BSA) provides integrated project management systems, software and implementation support services to corporate and government project management organizations. We work closely with project teams to develop an in-depth understanding of management needs and contractual requirements. Our goal is to minimize complexity and streamline the effort required to implement reliable and effective management system solutions.

Performance Data Repository
The "Repository" is the central point of integration for all of the key elements of project status including Resource Plans, Schedules, Actual Cost and Performance (Earned Value). This critical collection of project information is organized and made easily accessible using the industry standard hierarchical Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). It includes:

Actual Cost
Actual cost is collected and accumulated in the Repository. Cost is typically imported from the corporate accounting system. Interfaces are available for major accounting systems including Costpoint®, GCS Premier® and SAP®. Others are easily configured. The system provides reconciliation tools and maintains audit trails to ensure data integrity.

Resource Plans
Resource Plans are developed to assign the resources needed to perform each Task. Labor, material, travel and all other costs are included. Resource Plans are consolidated and integrated into the Repository to establish the Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB).

As work is completed Performance is computed and Earned Value is recorded in the Repository. PMiNet computes Performance based on the cumulative progress recorded for each Task/work package. Progress may be entered simply as a percentage or tied to Task starts and Task completions using one of the start/finish methods (0/100, 25/75, 50/50, etc). Performance for Level-of-Effort work packages is computed by the system. Performance status for discrete milestone methods can be recorded electronically from schedules or entered manually.

Project schedules are accessed electronically and loaded into the Repository. When using Resource Loaded schedules Resource Plans can be taken directly from schedules and loaded into the Repository. Progress of work performed is recorded from key Earned Value milestones.

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